[PREVIEW] Northern Nights Music Festival

After a long post-EDC hiatus from life and obligations, we are back with the next big thing that you NEED to know about if you don’t have plans this weekend (or even if you do) - the Northern Nights Music Festival! I’m fairly new to the area and apparently ignorant so I only heard about NNMF this week. As soon as I actually looked into it I bought my ticket and made plans to make the short trek north to get my party on this weekend in the infamous Humbolt County. Your best bet is to follow suit, get those tickets, and come with. Let me tell you why.

Northern Nights is far more than just a music festival. There will be art galleries, live art, crafts, silent discos, yoga, wellness workshops, standup comedy, yes this list is still continuing, a swimming hole for rafts and dancing, chill zones, craft beers, food vendors, and more! This festival doesn’t favor any one genre, meaning it will attract festival-goers from all walks of life, which always makes for my favorite kind of festival. If that wasn’t already enough great stuff, NNMF is very focused on sustainability. They are going for the coveted, "A Greener Festival Award" this year, an award for festivals focused on lowering CO2 emission, promoting fair trade, waste and water management, and recycling. So remember to do your part to pitch in!

Now, for the music - The Untz names Beats Antique the #1 act to see at NNMF. If you don’t already know this wild trio, Beats Antique is an awesome fusion electronica group that merges live instruments with technological prowess to create a glitchy, dubstepy, brass bandy crossover vibe that is the perfect music to jam out to in the middle of the woods! Other acts to watch out for are OdeszaJustin Martin, and Girrafage, all of which you should check out even if you don’t feel like making the impulsive (but correct) decision to buy tickets right now and start packing your bags. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a festival I’ve never even been to before.

Grab your tickets here. Gates open at 8am on Friday. Be there or be not there but lame.