Phantasmic Phantasy: Halloween at the Armory

If you follow our site, you’ll know that there were seemingly unlimited options for Bay Area EDM-lovers to choose from over this past Halloween weekend. After much debate on what to do for Halloween night itself, we decided that our costumes and life-memories would be best served by choosing Phantasm: A Karnival of Mischief, which was put on at the SF Armory on Halloween by Opel Productions and Vau de Vire.

Phantasm boasted a line-up with a mix of up-and-comers -- we’re looking at you, Croatia Squad (honored to be there for your first SF performance!) -- and storied favorites -- Polish Ambassador and one of our personal loves, Rob Garza - and we just generally love the Armory as a venue, so we knew we’d be in for a good time. What we didn’t fully grasp was the added benefits that our VIP tickets (posh, we know) would get us. 

Not only were there the usual trappings of private bathrooms and bars for the VIP crew, but there was an entire upstairs floor of the Armory filled with the best performances that had to offer (if you don’t know, the Armory is the headquarters of, a site dedicated to all things BDSM). There were even other, private rooms upstairs in Kink-land that we didn’t have access to that were filled with who knows what sort of debauchery – we’ll have to find a way into those for next time. Oh, and let’s not forget the free food they put out for us to snack on while being amateur voyeurs. Nice touch.

In addition to all of those perks, there was a VIP-only dance floor upstairs, and it seemed like all of the people in the upper floors were dressed in ornate, period-piece costumes that transported you into some sort of 17th Century bordello, which, added to the BDSM showcase, was really an experience in itself. This sick (pun intended) set up meant that when we weren’t down raging in the crowds of the two dueling stages, or checking out everyone’s awesome costumes, we were upstairs watching people get whipped, tied up, and otherwise dominated. And boy did we love it (don’t judge us).

In summation, Phantasm ran smoothly, was a feast for the eyes no matter what floors you had access to, and was sufficiently packed without ever feeling too crowded. Really, our only complaint was a single, ornery security guard who was policing the VIP entry, but maybe he was just jealous of everyone’s good time. Who wouldn’t be? Between the great artists, awesome venue lay-out, and classic-style-SF added upstairs VIP kink, Phantasm was really one for the record books, and should definitely be on your list for next year. In the meantime, we’ll be looking out for other events and whatever phantastic parties Opel Productions and Vau de Vire will be throwing in the future. As always, look for those listings to be posted on our site, and in the meantime, start practicing your BDSM and/or voyeurism skills so you can properly participate in Phantasm come next Halloween.