We recently had the pleasure of interviewing trance duo, Miika and Janne from Super8 & Tab with just over a week before their return to San Francisco. Get to know them below and be sure to check out what's sure to be an unforgettable show next Friday, 5/22 at Ruby Skye!

Who are your all time musical influences and who are your current influences? Favorite artist at the moment?

There's so many but from the early days, one big influence for us has been Rollo who's also known as a producer for Faithless. Currently, we are taking influences from such a big range of artists that it's hard to pinpoint just one. It can be a movie score or just a track from the radio that give us inspiration for new music. 

How has your music taste evolved throughout your career?

It's hard to say if our musical taste has changed that much during the years, but definitely we have tried to change our sound a little bit every now and then. 

How did you guys first get into the DJ/producing scene?

For both of us it has come quite naturally. We were always interested in electronic music and the vibe it can create, so it was just matter of time before we were Djing and producing ourselves too.

Describe your most memorable gig.

It was a gig in Mar Del Plata in Argentina -- one for the books! Because the club was closing, we had to stop after a 4 hour set and it took 5 huge security guys to get us out of the way from the rioting audience because they wanted us to continue playing!

Do you have a memorable show you attended as a fan?

It was in 2000 when we went to the Love Parade in Berlin. There were 1.3 million people on the streets, having a party. That's quite memorable!

How do you plan a set? Slow start, big finish?

Yes, we always try to build some sort of journey so that energy builds up throughout the whole set.

Any pre-stage rituals?

Not any in particular. We just make sure that we have our music and headphones with us so we are ready to roll!

Favorite festival and favorite individual show - why?

EDC Las Vegas is probably our favourite of festivals. The production there is just crazy! As an individual show, it's impossible to pick just one but we've had a great time at Pacha, Avalon, Ruby Skye, LA Exchange and we are always looking forward to playing those places.

Who are the top 3 DJ's you'd like to collab with at the moment?

Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, and Helix High.

Miika, any embarrassing stories about Janne?

Janne has been a pizza delivery guy.

Janne, any embarrassing stories about Miika?

Miika was in an boy band.

Tell us something not many people know about the two of you (either individually or as a duo).

Janne is a part of the trance act AR52 with Miika Kuisma and Miika is part of Aalto with Paavo Siljanmäki (from Above & Beyond).

So there you have it. Don't miss this pizza-delivering-boy-band duo next Friday, 5/22 alongside Jaytech. Grab your tickets here!