The Do Lab Does it Again: Lightning in a Bottle 2015

A whole month has already passed but the memories from the Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle festival remain fresh in our minds (and, without irony, even in our hearts). 

Indeed, despite being sandwiched between Coachella and EDC Las Vegas, two of the largest festivals in the US, LIB has somehow managed to be a stand out not only to us but to the huge and close knit community of festival goers who flock to San Antonio Recreation Area each year to get transformed by this OG transformational festival. The Do Lab pulls out all the stops for LIB, which boasts not just a lineup that perennially outdoes itself (really, we’d follow the Do Lab guys anywhere they are setting up shop), but an endless list of activities and workshops during the day where you can chill out, stretch out, cool down, and/or learn something new. Sometimes all at once. Our group did everything from yoga, to meditation, to cooking class, to intimacy workshops, to just browsing through all of the pop-up shops and hearing stories from the owners and designers about LIB’s past, or about what travels brought them there this year. If you’re looking for a festival with serious drawing power for awesome acts but that still has a sense of community and of perpetuating good vibes, LIB is the festival for you.

The attention to detail on the LIB grounds just adds to the allure of the festival. Almost anywhere we went we would find some sort of art installation tucked into the trees, not to mention the geodesic domes, Alice in Wonderland style teapots on stilts set up to climb into with your crew, or the giant bowling game set up between the Lightning and Thunder stages. Even the festival goers themselves do not disappoint, with outfits that are a spectacle in themselves, awesome camp set-ups, and campground parties that end up going on long after the festival itself has ended. The whole campground really does feel like a big group of long lost friends coming together to get their groove on together in the desert. And wait - did we mention the music? Every stage had a non-stop stream of some of our favorite acts, and people were losing themselves in the music from day till night, a vibe that gets more and more infectious as the five day festival goes on. There’s a reason that an entire other festival was created just to capture the pure bliss found at the Woogie Stage (if you haven’t heard about it already, check out Woogie Weekend and you’ll see what we’re talking about).

All in all, LIB was one of the most memorable music festivals we have been to. Between the eclectic mix of music and other daytime activities, the constant high fives from other festival goers walking by that would always put a smile on our faces, and the general sense of willingness to see and experience new things, its hard to think of a more fun environment. LIB is definitely going to be drawing us back in the Spring of 2016, and we hope to draw even more from our next experience there when that time comes.