[REVIEW] Snakehips at the Warfield, SF

When it comes to live music, I tend to steer clear of what some might consider to fall under the "chill electronic" genre. Snakehips is, without a doubt, an exception to that rule. I was confident they'd deliver on a Friday at the Warfield after a long week. And deliver they did.

I was pleasantly surprised when Snakehips threw the crowd a thuggin' bone with rap hits such as Crank That by Soulja Boy and Cut it by O.G. Genasis and seeing how a lot of their remixes are rooted in rap tracks, it was a reasonable move.

From the frequent waves uproarious approval at the start of a new song (and even occasional over-the-head, synchronous clapping), all-in-all Snakehips seemed to hit the sweet spot for the young crowd. On top of the classic remixes that brought them into mainstream chiller fame via Hype Machine and Majestic casual, Snakehips blended a mix of lesser-known melodic, sonically rich songs to round out their set.

Snakehips’ Friday night serenade to San Francisco certainly sat well with a crowd seeking the best melodic, scintillating, chiller electronica Britain has to offer.