Lightning in a Bottle 2016: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

For avid festival goers, time simultaneously flies and crawls. Right now, the only thing harder to believe than the fact that the better part of a year has gone by since the last Lightning in a Bottle is that we still have four. freaking. months. standing between us and jamming to the bass of the Woogie stage, wandering the grounds checking out the mind-bending art, playing oversized skeeball, and enjoying all the other awesome activities LIB always has to offer. 

With the recent release of this year’s lineup, it’s only become harder to contain our excitement for Do Lab’s upcoming LIB 2016. The lineup is, of course, nothing short of STACKED. With artists like Grimes, Hayden James, The Polish Ambassador, and Big Gigantic headlining, this year's LIB is sure to deliver all the sweet, sweet music you need to soothe your festival-seeking soul. And that’s just the phase 1 lineup.

But if you know anything about LIB, you’ll know that it’s about more than just the music. This is not your average music festival. LIB is notorious for executing BIG on all fronts. Beyond the amazing music it persistently garners, there are always beautiful, nay, sick as fuck art installations waiting to greet you and tucked away throughout the festival grounds, unique vendors, tons of great food options, and did we mention the countless seminars and classes offered to help you connect with yourself, others, and the earth itself? Yep. LIB is one of those immersive festivals that you hear about, except it is one of the OGs and it knows how to do it right. You’ll be able to choose between all-day scheduled events at the Lucent Temple of Consciousness, The Village, and the many other immersive offerings at LIB, like the Grand Antique Jive Joint or Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, all of which will enrich your body and mind, and ignite your joie de vivre.

We truly, truly encourage you to take some time away from the party to investigate all the distinctive things LIB has to offer. You might just learn something new about yourself. About love. About life. But seriously. That’s the magic of LIB, and it will stick with you long after the festival gates close. Why do you think we’re so impatient to get back? Each new year at LIB can be a whole new journey. That is something that you can’t find at just any music festival and that is the reason we have so much respect for the folks over at LIB and the Do Lab.

On top of all this, LIB - or as we like to call it, Burning Man Lite - stands out as one of the greenest, cleanest music festivals out there. Their "leave no trace" policy is upheld by all attendees, leaving the grounds with a fresh feeling at all hours of the day, and the crowd with a feeling of mutual respect for one another and the festival itself.

If for some reason you're still teetering about attending LIB 2016, this video should make your decision for you. We'd like to think we're personally responsible for some of our friends purchasing their tickets to this year's festival. Actually, we know we are because we basically hovered over them until they pushed the “Purchase Now” button. We know they won’t regret it. 

Just so you know, after a hugely successful flash pre-sale, passes for LIB 2016, which will take place over Memorial Day Weekend at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA are already 50% sold out. You heard right. Better grab your tickets now at the Lightning in a Bottle website. General Admission 4-day passes are $270. For those of us on a tighter budget, LIB graciously offers a 4-Payment Layaway Plan for tickets, available until February 15 - so act fast. If that price tag still seems steep, LIB is also accepting participant applications for anyone wanting to take part in the Lightning Team work exchange program. 

So, your options are there. Take our advice and don’t let anything stand in your way. This year’s LIB is going to be as amazing as ever and we wouldn’t want you to get stuck reading our festival review crying over your mistake in not joining us.

Time to check it off your bucket list or add another LIB notch to your belt. See you all there as usual!


Your SF Bay EDM (now West Coast EDM) team.