Kygo Brings the Tropics to SF

Kygo, the twenty-four-year-old Norwegian tropical house sensation who has been taking the world by storm, recently stopped by SF on his worldwide “Cloud Nine” tour. Needless to say, we made sure we were in attendance – who doesn’t want to be taken to Cloud Nine with the chill vibes of the tropics? And, as usual, Kygo delivered. This guy is becoming a true megastar. You could feel the eagerness from the crowd long before Kygo even stepped foot on the stage, and when he finally appeared, you could feel the energy of the 7,000 ecstatic fans shoot through the roof of the Bill Graham auditorium. The huge downtown SF venue was filled to the max at the second night of Kygo’s sold out show. The crowd was a sea of faces as fresh as Kygo’s tropical house beats, and everyone was ready to dance.

Before Kygo came out to start his set, the stage was blocked by a thin, white sheet blowing in the wind, taking us all to a nearby beach resort in our minds and allowing the crowd to get excited by the glimpse of the grand piano and a dozen music stands being set up for the show. Once his set began, the stage was at intervals exploding with everything from fireworks, to streamers, to confetti. During a few songs they even set off 25-foot flames, shooting up towards the ceiling from the stage floor and emanating a wave of heat throughout the crowd. Talk about tropical vibes. This awesome stage production was all accompanied by chill pictures and videos flashing by on the backdrop, which were at times interrupted by a close up of Kygo’s fingers smoothly gliding across the piano keys as he played live for the audience. Pure bliss. 

Kygo shared the spotlight that night with three up-and-coming artists: Maty Noyes singing “Stay,” Conrad Sewell singing “Firestone,” and Parson James singing “Stole the Show,” who all killed it with their amazing vocals and really brought the show to life. Kygo himself's performance was truly awe-inspiring. It makes our hearts happy to see new talent like this who come into and really own a new genre, and with a genre like tropical house as your expertise, you can’t really go wrong.

We’ve been following Kygo since he and Thomas Jack birthed the tropical house genre in the US, and it was great to see how much Kygo has grown since his career first began.  We’re hoping he’ll continue to ride the tropical house high and wow us with more chill vibes. To be sure, with almost all his shows sold out, he must be doing something right. Good work, man.