Galantis: Unstoppable Duo, Undeniable Success

Galantis, Galantis, Galantis - what can we say about this exploding electronic pop duo, consisting of Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Style of Eye, that hasn't already been said? Like many before us, we first discovered Galantis through their hit singles "You" and "Runaway (U & I)." We remember many months where one or both of those songs somehow found their way onto all of our playlists. Shamefully, we wouldn't learn who the talent was behind the name until recently, but it only made us love them harder and understand their sound more when we did.

Our added excitement was, in part, because we had first come across Style of Eye in March of 2013, when his name appeared on the Ultra lineup and we were doing our due diligence on who'd we want to be seeing that year - and we LOVED him. In our humble opinion, Style of Eye was totally underrated until "More Than a Lover" came out in 2015, when he finally got the attention he deserved. I wonder if he could've imagined teaming up with a member of Miike Snow under a new moniker and tossing out a few pop-infused dance tracks could bring the surging popularity it did. Then again, we love Miike Snow so much too (I mean, have you seen them live?) that I guess it's not all that surprising. 

In any case, with almost 100% of their US tour sold out, it is clear Galantis are some of the coolest kids on campus right now, and we're glad to see it. And hear it. And dance it.

If you don't already know, Galantis is going to be overtaking the Warfield on March 4th, and we can't wait to see what they have in store. In fact, there are few shows we are looking forward to more than their upbeat dancy goodness. Not surprisingly, this is a sold out show, but for those lucky enough to score tickets, see you there!