Sunday Funday: Rave on the Bay

Well team, it’s official: spring is upon us. And what does spring mean for West Coast EDM? You guessed it: parties, parties, parties, festivals, parties… and also... boats? While some of you may be setting your sights on Coachella in the coming weeks, we here at West Coast EDM have set ours on one of the most underestimated parties of the season - Rave on the Bay hosted by our friends at Urban Diversion and, this spring, YOURS TRULY! That’s right, West Coast EDM is partnering with Urban Diversion to throw this year's Rave on the Bay!!!(!!!!!) It’s all happening Sunday, April 24. Hell yesssss.

This party is exactly what it sounds like - a massive yacht party on the San Francisco Bay, where we’ll all be nonstop dancing to two EPIC San Francisco-based DJs:

Pillow Fort
This up-and-coming duo hails all the way from our nation’s capital and specializes in a variety of electronic music genres. Check out their trap & house mixes below:

Racket Club
Another East Coaster turned SF-lover who’s played at venues all across the country. Check him out here:

If you live in SF and don’t know about Urban Diversion, they are an active, SF-based social club, offering members a laundry list of events and activities throughout the year. The best part? Membership is f-r-e-e. Here's a link to join because duh. Your very first event can be RAVE ON THE BAY, where you can rave with us, meet fellow EDM lovers, and otherwise generally soak in the sights out on the yacht. Seems like an easy choice. If you still aren’t sold, check out the details below:

Official schedule:

9:00AM - Meet at Urban Diversion Clubhouse for the preparty! Grab a complimentary mimosa, jello shots, & party favor and meet your fellow ravers.

9:45AM - Big Bus pickup! Jello shots served on board bus (included in price) - it's like a tour bus except TO A FUCKING YACHT. Omg yes.

10:30AM - 1:30PM - RAVE ON THE BAY BEGINS!!!  We depart Pier 39, vibe to the live DJs, imbibe at the no-host bar, and be party animals! (Come for the music and awesome people, stay because you’re on a MFing gorgeous yacht with booze).

2:00PM - 4:00PM - AFTERPARTY!!! Boat will dock at PIER 40 for our private waterfront afterparty.  Drink & food specials, prizes and party favors and a VIP area just for us.  (You had me at afterparty).

In summation: There will be alcohol. There will be music. There will be BOAT PARTY, amazing views, FREE GIVEAWAYS, & new friends. Rave on the Bay truly gives a whole new meaning to “Sunday Funday.” So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets here and come rave with us on the motherfucking Bay.