Countdown to LIB 2016

Well, somehow it’s already May. And we all know that means one thing and one thing only: IT’S LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE MONTH. It’s safe to say we’ve been waiting since last year for the fun that's about to go down in just a matter of WEEKS. So how will we handle the slowly building anticipation of the final stretch you ask? By basking in more exciting news of course! Yep - the Do Lab just unveiled the full lineup for LIB's Grand Artique: Frontierville, one of many immersive micro-environments that you’ll find at this year’s gathering. 

This installation is like an amazing thrift store/trading post popping up right in the middle of your festival fun. You’ll find festival gear, awesome art, and jewelry as usual, but the Grand Artique also offers more eclectic items like canes, chandeliers, and pirate maps. What could be more fun than exploring the wares at this frontier-style trading post. I mean, who didn’t love that part of the Oregon Trail game? If you hadn’t died of dysentery by then… but we digress. Let’s talk more LIB. Here are our tips:

Don’t Underestimate the Workshops & Villages:

We still thank the festival gods that we were told this last year, and we’ve already said it before and we’ll say it again: Lightning in a Bottle is about much more than just music. It’s about the full, immersive festival experience - so go and experience everything! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Amori’s Casino & Burlesque: need we say more? There will be gaming, fire shows, and live bands. Oh, and burlesque dancers. Ooh la la.
  • The Learning Kitchen: this nice addition offers nutrition classes & demonstrations. Learn about culinary techniques and the fundamentals of health to spice up your (still) healthy living routine.
  • The Gong Sanctuary: yep - noise therapy that sends you into a deep meditation. We strongly urge you to let go and try this and experience the healing power of sound.

What You Need to Bring/Know:

If you’ve never been to LIB before (slash haven’t truly lived) and don’t know what to pack, etc., we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of essential items/knowledge to make your transformational journey even smoother. After all, how are you supposed to focus on mindfulness when you’re choking on dust? And that brings us to the #1 item that you might not think of bringing:

1. A bandana - it’s gonna be dusty. Burning man dusty. End of story.

2. Next, a headlamp - who wants to use an iPhone flashlight (or your phone at all) when you can go hands-free and also have it double as a fashion (“fashion”) accessory.

3. Pop-up tent: let's be honest: this is a music festival not a primitive camping experience where you need to prove your man/womanhood. Save yourself the hassle and get an instant tent. It will leave you with more time for partying & you'll be thanking yourself when you do. Especially if you’re trying to beat the rush out of there on Monday.

4. Get there early - this will let you experience some of the workshops and villages we’ve been hyping up before your whole crew converges on the festival and party time begins AND give you better camping locations because some sites are quite a hike.

5. Leave early (or really late) on the last day - traffic is literally a NIGHTMARE on Memorial Day. Plan accordingly and either leave early that morning or stick through for the long haul and wait for the masses to disperse before making your speedy exit.

6. Bring a CamelBak - this is self-explanatory. Pro-tip, they also hold alcohol which will save you time and money.

7. Saving the best for last: an LED egg: maybe not “essential” but trust us, you won’t regret it. Plus it's waterproof. Check it out here.

Oh and One More Thing:

Tickets are >80% SOLD OUT so get yours now and don’t miss out on the fun this Memorial Day Weekend. This is truly a one-of-a-kind festival experience. 23 days & counting!