[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] Beauty in the Breakdown

Last week, West Coast EDM had the opportunity to break it all down with Beauty In The Breakdown (sorry). You can check out our exclusive interview below. Looking forward to catching these guys all over California and beyond!

West Coast EDM: How'd you guys all meet?

BITB: We actually all met when we were each playing in different bands while on tour. We had a mutual admiration for one another and became friends through the music. From there, we remained in touch and when the time was right, we connected and knew that if we in fact played music together it would be electrifying and fulfilling. And it truly has been.

West Coast EDM: Five is a lot for an electronic music group - describe the dynamic!

BITB: You're right. However, it's been such a brilliant experience being able to create an EDM sound with our acoustic instruments. Many don't know this from the record but I actually play 4 percussion instruments live: the congas, timbales, electronic cajon and the djembe. This has really allowed us to take our creativity in directions we never imagined possible. It is at the same time very difficult and time consuming. But I believe the are no short cuts to greatness so we just put the time in and let inspirations flow.

West Coast EDM: Have to ask - what’s the story behind the name?

BITB: Well, after watching one of my favorite movies "Gardenstate" the song at the end is actually called Beauty in the Breakdown and it's by The Scene Aesthetic. It touched me profoundly and I thought to myself, therein lies the truth of our existence. My greatest mentors and the greatest scholars have all achieved what they have because they had to experience darkness before they could truly understand the majesty of the light. I feel that you truly discover your authentic self when faced with adversity which allows your true beauty to then shine. Which is why there is Beauty In The Breakdown.


"I feel that you truly discover your authentic self when faced with adversity which allows your true beauty to then shine."

West Coast EDM: How did you each get your start in music?

BITB: We come from so many different backgrounds. I would say we all probably feel like we have been playing since birth but really, at least for me, it started when I was rocking out in drum circles in Venice Beach while also bonding with the people. It brought me a joy and inner glow that I had never felt before and I just knew I didn't want to do anything else. And because music was my voice and the driving force in which I wanted to share with the masses I just started to manifest opportunities. Good ole power of intention. This led to my first band getting to play on the vans warped tour, to rocking with Cypress Hill and then eventually playing with Duran Duran. I think that when you are honest and mercifully passionate about your pursuits and desires they organically present themselves and allow you to take hold and never let go. I think I can speak for all of us in BITB that music is like the air to us.

West Coast EDM: Most memorable adventure together?

BITB: I would have to say it was probably playing a festival in Juneau, Alaska. First, it was always a must visit but never did I think that a). they loved EDM as much as they did, and b). how diverse and creative the natives were.  Not to mention they showed us a whole other level of what it is to party till the break of dawn. I mean who knew - Alaska, we love you!

West Coast EDM: What track are you most proud of and why?

BITB: I would have to say Firebird at the moment. And not just because it's our newest single but because the meaning of the song and that which it was built from has profound meaning to us. Especially in a world right now that appears divided, Firebird comes at a good time as it represents rising from the ashes and being capable of changing the paradigm shift into that which is wholly positive and vibrant. Writing it felt effortless and it allowed us to experiment with trap, which we are huge fans of.

West Coast EDM: Who are your electronic/non-electronic music influences?

BITB: This can go on for days but to keep it brief I would say everywhere from Sade, Kaskade, LCD Soundsystem, Prince, OceanLab, The Cure, Disclosure, FKA Twigs and Santana.

West Coast EDM: By the same token, who would you love to collaborate with?

BITB: I mean it would definitely have to be Kaskade but it would also be incredible to work with Sia as she has such beautiful vision and an authenticity that I fully relate to.

West Coast EDM: What are your other hobbies outside of music?

BITB: Well, we love the outdoors. Connection with the planet outside of the city landscape is always inspiring. So that includes everywhere from surfing, hiking, sailing and camping. I love to paint as it brings such peace to my heart. Also love to meditate and we're huge fans of soundbaths as they just ignite the senses. Another love is to float. If you have never done it please do yourself a favor. It's life altering.

West Coast EDM: Where do you see BITB in 5 years time?

BITB: Touring the world, inspiring planet earth and truly making a change that allows us to touch people's lives deeply and personally. I see us challenging ourselves to bring forth a fresh approach to everything we do and all while just enjoying the ride by being present in every moment.

If you appreciate the refreshing outlook on the impact of their music as much as we did, catch them next at Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle on October 20th. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for these guys!