[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] Felix Cartal: Groove Cruise Cabo Edition

While it might seem like an ordinary Tuesday for most folks, there is a boatload of partygoers and producers who are just one night’s sleep away from setting sail for Baja California on the legendary Groove Cruise Cabo. Among them is Taelor Deitcher - better known by his stage name, Felix Cartal.

West Coast EDM had the chance to catch up with Taelor in advance of his Pacific voyage. Check out the below to get the scoop on his newest album “Next Season,” what to expect from his Groove Cruise set, and everything in between.

West Coast EDM: Really love your creative tip to think about what it is that makes you like other art and trying to apply it to your own projects - can you provide an example of a particular track/album you used that mentality for? Where did your inspiration originate?

Felix Cartal: For the track “The Searchers,” I actually scored it to a scene from the old western movie called “The Searchers.” I was really inspired by the concept of creating a soundtrack type thing as an interlude on the album and I’d never tried writing something in that way before.

West Coast EDM: How long did it take for Next Season to come together - from concept to reality?

Felix Cartal: I had another complete album done about 3 years prior to the album that I wasn’t satisfied with. Once I decided to start over, the whole project was around 2 years… the oldest track I’ve had on the record is 5 years though. The title concept came halfway through writing the songs.

West Coast EDM: Other than a good relationship and talent, what factors go into who you choose to collaborate with?

Felix Cartal: Tone of voice is really important to me. I love when someone has a small quirk to the way they sing that really makes them feel unique. If they’re a great lyricist that’s also really helpful - that is something I’m always trying to improve at and I love working with those types of people… so that I can continue to grow as an artist.

West Coast EDM: What track on the Next Season album meant the most to you when the album was first released and has the track since changed?

Felix Cartal: I think the chorus in Walking By is one of my favourite things I’ve written. I think it’s really hooky and the lyrical concept is quite different for dance music, which I’m very proud of. Now that it’s been out, on re-listening, “Stop Being Yourself” might be my favourite because I think that lyric really stands out as being unique. It’s hard to pick though, I’m proud of all of them!

West Coast EDM: When are all your unreleased tracks going to become available and can you tell us anything about what to expect?

Felix Cartal: Planning the dates now! I have a feature on one of my next songs by an artist I’ve loved for so long. It’s always surreal collaborating with people you are fans of.

West Coast EDM: If you can, describe the exact moment it hit you that all your hard work was starting to pay off.

Felix Cartal: When I stopped being stressed about when I was getting paid for the things I’ve done.

West Coast EDM: What are you listening to the most at the moment?

Felix Cartal: The new Lykke Li album.

West Coast EDM: Most memorable performance of 2018 so far?

Felix Cartal: Playing Kaskade’s Sunsoaked in Long Beach was unreal. 31,000 people on a beach… can’t beat that.

West Coast EDM: So what can we expect from your Groove Cruise Cabo set?

Felix Cartal: I’ve made edits of almost every track from my album so that they work really well in the club. Lots of grooving tracks as well. I just want to keep people dancing and not be pretentious.

West Coast EDM: Who are you most looking forward to hanging out with on the ship?

Felix Cartal: My manager Eric haha!

West Coast EDM: How many more tallies do you want to add to your wrist? ;)

Felix Cartal: 3 more before I’m 40!

West Coast EDM: What's something about you very few people know?

Felix Cartal: My vision is horrible. Like really bad.

West Coast EDM: What's your go to joke in an awkward moment?

Felix Cartal: Why did the Scarecrow win an award? He was outstanding in his field.

West Coast EDM: Favorite TV show of the moment?

Felix Cartal: I don’t follow a lot of shows to be honest. I love Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee though.

West Coast EDM: How is little Leo?

Felix Cartal: He’s the best. I just bought him a Slayer onesie, he’s already cooler than me!