[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] Kristina Sky: Groove Cruise Cabo Edition

The final countdown is underway for what can only be described as a massive nonstop party in the Pacific packed with music, sunsets, pizza, and endless fun. Largely contributing to that title is none other than Kristina Sky - a veteran of both the trance and Groove Cruise scenes. Sky is scheduled to play three sets this week, all ranging in different styles but never compromising on her signature melodic sound.

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West Coast EDM: At what age were you first drawn to the trance genre and what was it about trance specifically that attracted you?

Kristina Sky: I was 15 when a friend dragged me to a rave I didn’t even want to go to. Genre lines weren’t as defined back then so it wasn’t specifically trance that attracted me, but the overall music & vibe of the people is what made me start going every weekend. Everyone was so open, friendly & non-judgemental… and the music really captured my heart.

West Coast EDM: What has been the most unique location you’ve performed?

Kristina Sky: I’d have to say it was a desert rave at place called Salvation Mountain (look it up) outside of the Salton Sea, CA, a hippie commune where Christopher McCandless stayed along his journey “Into the Wild” (a movie by Sean Penn about his life). The event was organized by cops who’d worked the Sahara stage I played at Coachella haha. They loved my set and decided to bring me out for another show. I had no idea it was at that location until we pulled up, and being such a big fan of the movie and somewhat obsessed with Christopher’s story, made it a really special, memorable gig, to play on the very stage he had sat decades ago.

West Coast EDM: Most memorable moment at a gig?

Kristina Sky: Probably when I was playing Coachella the year of Madonna and Daft Punk. The sound guy came up to me mid-set and handed me a note on a napkin telling me the promoters were loving my set so much that they would like me to play a second set later that night in the Hydrodome. I think it was the first time a DJ played two sets at Coachella in one day. Pretty cool! But a big honorable mention moment goes to Gabriel & Dresden, who after hearing my set time had been cut short due to Madonna taking an extremely long soundcheck, offered to give up 30 minutes of their set so I could play longer. What a gesture. I’ll never forget that day.

West Coast EDM: Which producers have inspired your style and who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Kristina Sky: My style’s been inspired by way too many to mention, as I have a really hybrid sound, ranging from deeper progressive & house all the way to uplifting trance. But as far as collaborations, I’d love to do something with Solarstone, Ferry, Paul van Dyk, Kyau & Albert, Amtrac, & Rufus to name a few - just dreaming here haha! Big respect for these guys.

West Coast EDM: Favorite method of music discovery?

Kristina Sky: I’m usually sent 300-400 promos from labels and artists every week, so it’s quite a task going through them all and finding any time left over to discover music elsewhere. But Soundcloud, Spotify, and even hotel elevators sometimes lead me to music I haven’t heard yet.

West Coast EDM: What's your favorite electronic album? Non-electronic album?

Kristina Sky: Electronic album, easily Paul van Dyk’s ‘Out There and Back’. One of the greatest electronic masterpieces of all-time. An album I can still listen to to this day and be blown away by it’s beauty just like the very first time I heard it. Non-electronic is tough as I own hundreds of albums, but Dave Matthews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming is up there. Bonus answer to a question you didn’t ask, would be favorite DJ mix compilation, which I would say is Deep Dish’s ‘Yoshiesque’ I & II and Renaissance: Revelations - The Masters Series mixed by Nick Warren and Danny Howell. These compilations are ~20 years old and I still play them regularly in my car. Timeless music.

West Coast EDM: What are some festivals/events you hope to check off the bucket list in 2019?

Kristina Sky: I’d love to play at Luminosity in Holland again. One of the best festivals I’ve ever played. Really special event.

West Coast EDM: What can we expect from your set on Groove Cruise Cabo?

Kristina Sky: Melodic overload! I’m playing 3 sets and they’ll all be quite different. I start Wednesday night in the theater supporting Cosmic Gate with my special blend of progressive house & trance, then Thursday I play a sunSET at my #UnitedWeGroove stage where I’ll be dropping loads of exclusive material from a big secret project I’ve been working on, and then I end with an afternoon set on the Coldharbour stage Saturday where I’m bringing a special Coldharbour classics set.

West Coast EDM: Who are you most looking forward to hanging out with on the GC ship?

Kristina Sky: My #UnitedWeGroove crew, fellow DJs & GC staff, and lots of awesome fans, of course!

West Coast EDM: What has been your favorite thing about past Groove Cruises?

Kristina Sky: The sunrises and sunsets while listening to great music… and can’t forget the 24hr pizza!

West Coast EDM: Hobbies outside of music or something very few people know about you?

Kristina Sky: Most people don’t know that I’ve never eaten a single leaf of lettuce in my life, ha! Hobbies, retro video games & photography, especially sunrises, sunsets & pizza. You can follow @chroniclesofasunsetjunkie & @chroniclesofapizzajunkie on IG to see some my stuff! :)