Fare Releases Debut Single "Had Enough"


Fare has confirmed their arrival on Hero Records / Sony with their debut single, “Had Enough.” Ryan Lafferty and Charlie Maynard met in college where they formed bands playing music in the indie rock world, with Charlie on drums and Ryan on guitar. Now they’ve joined forces again, bringing together Charlie’s new knowledge of composition and production to create a unique, inviting electronic pop soul crossover sound. “Had Enough” is the product of just that, through production with a groove and bounce and just as infectious vocals.

“The best songs play with opposites in a thoughtful way. Taking something with a dark sentiment or exposing vulnerability, but then placing it over something that makes you want to move—for us it’s really about juxtaposing things together that might not seem like they belong together. The lyrics to Had Enough stem from a previous relationship that helped me realize, it’s best to live life with people that love you rather than those who can’t decide if they do or not.”

As Fare, they write, compose, produce, and perform their blend of airy electronic, future beats and soul, crossing genres with vocals and melodic production and making their music widely accessible to all kind of fans. Working together across the country - with Ryan in New York City and Charlie in Los Angeles - Fare represents the adaptability required to achieve something you love.

“We think about the creative pursuit, and in a broader sense the struggle that anyone who’s passionate about something can really relate to. There’s a journey full of ups and downs but if you want to stay with something long enough, it requires a lot of love—Fare is representative of that. It’s really the price we pay to pursue something that we truly want to do.”

Taking inspiration  from electronica of the 80’s from New Order and Kraftwerk, indie rock classics Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joel, and electronic and contemporary artists like Jamie xx, Nick Murphy and Mark Ronson, Fare has something for everyone.