Shortly after Daily Bread gave us his newest effort “Make Em Feel It”, Michal Menert swings a fresh remix that brings the track's sonic soundscape a breezy, melodic twist. Originally laced with heavy synths and rhythmic changes, this new version highlights an organic feel while maintaining the complexity of the native rhythm in a way that's sure to keep you grooving along.

“For this remix, I wanted to flip both the track and the concept of 'Make Em Feel It.' The track flip was accomplished in 3 varied parts, then I added pitched & effected samples of my own voice. The result is a complimentary piece that still reflects the energy of the original.” - Michal Menert

About Daily Bread
Rhett Whatley, aka Daily Bread, started producing beats from his bedroom in 2014 armed with an MPC, a massive record collection, and a background in jazz guitar. His beat head sensibilities found him crafting unique electro-soul and hip-hop tracks that needed to be heard. After releasing a few tracks online, the project was quickly noticed by indie record label Philos and he soon joined the ranks of likeminded artists like Artifakts and Derlee. Inspired by their collaborations, Rhett began work in earnest on his double LP masterwork “On the Daily” and found himself sharing the stage with his influences like Pretty Lights, GRiZ, The Floozies and STS9. Releasing “On the Daily” on Philos in February 2017, Rhett took the Daily Bread project to the Rocky Mountains and spent half the year in Denver soaking up all the electro-soul scene hub had to offer. Now back in ATL and fresh off the 1 million Spotify plays milestone of his release “Moreland Ave Blues,” Rhett is using his freshly honed skills to further the Daily Bread sound and bring his unique vision to ears across the globe.