This week’s “Artist Spotlight” features one of Finland’s most exciting breakout acts. Alex Mattsons’ latest single, “Anything” has soared to the top of the charts by virtue of of its undeniably catchy melody alongside the enchanting vocals of London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer RØRY.


West Coast EDM: What drew you to RØRY for your most recent track?
Alex Mattson: I was planning a songwriting trip to Amsterdam with my management and we heard about RØRY. Really liked her songwriting style and voice so we set up a session to work on some song and that session turned out be the one where we made my single ”Anything”.

West Coast EDM: Who were some of the first electronic music producers you were exposed to that really hooked you on the scene?
Alex Mattson: My sister played me some early Skrillex stuff and a few Pendulum songs when I was about 14 years-old or something. That really got me interested in the genre, so I started to search more into that kind of music and eventually was interested to produce it myself.

West Coast EDM: What from your time studying electronic music in Amsterdam do you think contributed to the success of your music today?
Alex Mattson: We learned a lot about what to do when facing a problem in studio. Like how to overcome these moments when you are just stuck with some part of the song but don’t really know how to continue it. All that kind of stuff has really helped me finish my songs and in a way contributed to my success as well. Also, the vibe of the city got me really inspired!

West Coast EDM: Can you pin point the exact moment it hit you that all your hard work was going to turn into a full time career?
Alex Mattson: I think there isn’t just one moment for me. I remember finishing the first demo of my debut single ”UFO” and thinking this is the song to launch my career, and it did! But there are many moments that slowly made me realize that it’s going to turn into a career for me.

West Coast EDM: Describe one of the most surreal moments of your music career that you've experienced to date.
Alex Mattson: I think getting my first platinum and gold records. That feeling was just so surreal. And awesome.

West Coast EDM: What has been the biggest challenge of your career to date?
Alex Mattson: I think my biggest challenge so far has been that I would like everything to happen super fast with releases and other things! After making an amazing song for example, it’s really hard to wait for it to be released because I’m so excited about it, haha!

West Coast EDM: How has your production style evolved over the years?
Alex Mattson: I think nowadays I dare to take more ”risks” with sounds in my productions and not to play by the book in certain situations. Also, I’ve improved my mixing skills a lot by actually practicing it hours and hours.

West Coast EDM: Who would you most love to collaborate with that you haven't already?
Alex Mattson: There are so many amazing artists I want to work with, but I’d love to do a song with AlunaGeorge, Tove Lo and Twenty One Pilots are also artists I’d really love to work with.

West Coast EDM: Do you still have time to mess around on the drums?
Alex Mattson: Oh yeah! I try to take some time every week and play some songs with my friends. Important to keep that since it inspires me with the productions as well.

West Coast EDM: What can we expect from Alex Mattson in 2019?
Alex Mattson: You can expect a lot of great new music and energetic shows! I’ve been having such a great vibe in the studio lately so there are amazing songs to be released, can’t wait!

At just 20 years old, Alex Mattson’s music career is just beginning and we certainly can’t wait to watch it all unfold.