[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] DubVision: Pre-Vaudeville Interview

Ever want to know how the boys at DubVision got their start? Well the team at West Coast EDM had the exciting opportunity to chat with this wildly successful duo right before their highly anticipated Vaudeville event just south of San Francisco in Mountain View, CA! Check out what they had to say below:

West Coast EDM: What’s the story behind the name?
DubVision: To be honest there is no story behind the name haha. Steve came up with the name one day and we both thought it sounded powerful and cool so we decided to stick with it. Later on we figured out that it could mean Dub (double) vision. So two brothers, 1 vision.

West Coast EDM: How did you guys get your start in music? Do you play any instruments?
DubVision: Our parents were very clear; we had to play at least 1 instrument growing up. We all (3 brothers) chose the piano. Later on Victor got interested in making music electronically at a young age. So while he was making music he couldn't go out to festivals / clubs etc. Steve on the other hand was going out and experiencing what kind of music worked and didn't work. After hearing Victor’s music, Steve had some feedback. We both decided to work on some tracks together with Steve’s input and ideas and that worked out great. Over the years it developed and now we’re at a point where we’re both producing, putting down ideas etc.

West Coast EDM: What’s your process when creating a track? Do you generally have something in mind or is it a completely blank slate?
DubVision: It’s different every time. A lot of the times it’s just a blank slate because you want inspiration to kick in. But it can be very helpful to have an idea or vision for a track before you get in the studio. That usually saves a lot of time. This idea or vision can come from anything; getting inspired by another track, visual inspiration, traveling.

West Coast EDM: How has your style evolved from your perspective?
DubVision: Every producer wants to evolve throughout time and I think that’s what we’re trying at the moment. What has been (and always will be) key in our tracks is melody and feeling. That’s a constant factor. Other stuff changes, like for instance lately we’ve been experimenting with other BPM’s other than the standard 128 bpm. Our latest track ‘Hope to See You Soon’ is a great example. Very different from what we’ve done before but still the chords, melody, feeling and vocals are the pillars of the track.

West Coast EDM: Which do you think has been your most well-received track (regardless of the charts, etc.)?
DubVision: I think ‘I Found Your Heart’ has touched a lot of people around the globe. We made the instrumental and we loved it and then we recorded Emeni’s vocals which took it to another level. That track is the total package and we believe it’s quite timeless.

West Coast EDM: Who would you love to collaborate with?
DubVision: There are so many; EDM wise we’re big fans of ZEDD. He’s an amazing producer but also a musician. Other than that Calvin Harris, Alesso, Disclosure and Eric Prydz. All producers we look up too. Non EDM would be names like Coldplay, One Republic and so on.

West Coast EDM: What do you look for in a track when deciding to make a remix out of it?
DubVision: The most important thing is to hear your own version of it as soon as you hear the original. Like you hear the track and think, “Oh if I do this and change that it would sound like this and it would be a new version”.  We never try to change to much because it’s a remix, not just a totally new song with 2 or 3 elements from the original. And of course we both have to like the original.

West Coast EDM: Favorite festival gig?
DubVision: Playing Tomorrowland was crazy, so many people from all over the globe!

West Coast EDM: Any crazy tales?
DubVision: Not so much crazy but for us it’s amazing to see how excited people get sometimes to see us. For example when we went to Japan some people were crying of joy. It’s an amazing feeling to know our music touches people like that and that’s a huge inspiration for us to keep going.

West Coast EDM: What are your other hobbies?
DubVision: We both like to workout and try and stay in shape while being on the road. Other than that Victor loves gaming, watching soccer, cooking. Steve loves to do board sports like kiting and snowboarding. Also we love to explore and experience new things. Like for example on our Australia tour we took a 3 hour flight on our day off to go cage diving with white sharks.

West Coast EDM: Any special new plans for future events?
DubVision: Not any special plans. We have a lot of gigs lined up for the summer so we’re super excited to be on the road and see all our fans.

West Coast EDM: What advice would you give to anyone trying to get into music production?
DubVision: Do it for the love of music and be passionate about it. Don't expect to become famous. If you want to be in music, music has to be number 1. You have to do and think about it every day. Become better and better and find your own sound, don't try to copy someone but try and be unique. When you do all that you might get lucky and get discovered, because honestly it’s really hard. There are so many talented producers that don’t get the credit they deserve. But in the end all you can do is give it your all. If you inspire or touch one person with your song, you’re already doing something amazing.

Welp, there you have it folks. And it’s not too late to snag tickets to tonight’s event!